IoT = Internet of Toilets?

I was in a meeting the other day where people had a completely serious discussion about “the Connected Bathroom,” featuring smart soap dispensers that know when they’re empty, and “just-in-time” toilet paper delivery. Really? I wanted to say “that project will require a lot of back-end development,” but the filter kicked in. For the record,…

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You had me at “Supply Chain”

Last night I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep…my mind was reeling with work stuff and I was thinking about all of the deliverables I owe people (mostly slides). Then I had a brilliant idea: I started thinking, “How should we position the supply chain?” and I went RIGHT to sleep…

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Well, it MIGHT be worse

A few years ago, while working in the marketing department of a well-known Silicon Valley tech company, I received a (presumably unintended) medical supply catalog in the mail. Leafing through it, I came across a page listing different types of urine sample cups, which I marked with a sticky noteĀ and tossed over the cube wall…

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Urban Dictionary contains the following definition for “slide bitch:”

Derogatory term used to describe someone tasked with creating a Powerpoint presentation that will be presented by someone else.
“You better clear your calendar. I heard that Sales & Marketing wants you to be their slide bitch for their upcoming executive retreat.”

I can relate.